Learn how to learn about your car

Wrenchers is my thesis project for the Stanford Graduate Design Program. Our team has designed an educational service that provides Do-It-Yourself car owners with the skills, parts & tools they need to keep their cars running & on the road.

Design Research | Branding | UX/UI | Front End Development

The Problem

The DIY automotive aftermarket is a $51B industry in the U.S., and it is a complete mess. To accomplish a single DIY task, an average enthusiast may visit anywhere from 5 – 30 different sources to help them get the parts, tools, and instruction they need. We set out to unify the DIY experience.



Strategy & UX Journey

Based on ethnographic user research we discovered a deep connection between the DIY car process and the Hero’s Journey. This story is based on the writings of Joseph Campbell, and is also the basis for popular narratives such as Star Wars.





Content & UI/UX

Building out the content model for the Wrenchers prototype involved identifying the unique components of each tutorial and how they fit together to create a larger experience. We aggregate the best instructional content for automotive projects from around the web, and weave them together to present a singular experience optimized for the DIY auto enthusiast.