Ethnography for Cultural Exchange

La Ruta is a series of design projects from an artist residency at Casa Tres Patios in Medellin Colombia during the Spring of 2012. The projects shown here are conceptually based in mapping my physical and cultural travel throughout the city of Medellin.

Experimental Design | Design Research | Graphic Design | Processing



I used the data visualization tool Processing to create an interactive geographic map of Medellin. For ninety days I meticulously tracked everywhere I went within the city through GPS and then transcribed the data into a digital map that people could visit via a website. The map would update every few days, and people could see the city grow as I explored Medellin.


install-&-stuff-1The map served as both a tool for exploration and an artifact, however it did not convey the ephemeral moments of my visit. I started to make drawings while I walked the city. These drawings morphed into a coloring book that illustrates my child-like feelings around learning a new culture, which I published with a local printer.


3rdImageI hosted a series of ‘Coloring Sessions’ and workshops where I invited people from Medellin to sit with me and color while we used the exercise as a touch-point for intentional cultural dialogue. We then plastered the Exhibition space with the pages accumulated over the month-long series of workshops.